Online Course Coming 2020

From EUR €60.00
  • Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: St.Margarets, Dublin
  • Product code: FFONLINE

We have been asked to design an online course for an intensive 2-hour session with the founder of Fly Fearless Michael Comyn. Michael will take you through the course.

According to a survey by a leading airline, only 40% of passengers on board an aircraft feel comfortable while the other 60% experience mild discomfort, anxiety or even panic feelings.

This PREMIUM course is for you if…you are afraid to fly, you used to fly once, now it’s a trial when you do or you just can't bear to go at all. If you do get away you are dreading coming back and your trip is ruined by worry weeks in advance. We have helped over 3,200 people in the last six years with a 92% success rate. You can take our course and come back and take the course again or join us for a live online refresher course in the weeks before you fly.

You can bring a guest who must not be afraid to fly and be willing to participate in the session as they may be required by you to be available to support you when you fly. 

Please note this course is educational and does not constitute therapy or treatment. The purpose of this course is not to treat extreme forms of general anxiety but to assist healthy individuals to reach their goals to reduce their fear and to gain an insight into aviation information for the purposes of anxiety management.

The course also teaches a number of techniques that have been demonstrated to help manage or reduce anxiety specifically related to air travel. It is recommended if you are receiving treatment for anxiety other than that related to air travel that you discuss your intention to take this educational programme with your primary care physician or therapist.

We have a new contact number in the Republic of Ireland call 086 2561729 – remember you book online.

Course Fee and the simulator is €590, there are no extra charges or fees. Bring a support coach for no extra charge they can’t be afraid of flying to be your coach.

You can pay the balance on arrival on the day –a €190 deposit secures your place, however, your booking can be changed to a later course with 7 days notice.

We will schedule the course on demand.

If you are buying this as a gift for someone please make sure it's not a surprise - we usually end up refunding the booking as people are a little sensitive about their anxiety and don't want to feel pressurised - otherwise if they know fire ahead!